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This game is so cool

I love it and the description is sooo cute! XD just too hard for me, I need a lot of practice.

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The most inspirational thing I have played in a while. Flawless!

Can't wait to see more levels!


So inspiring! (I am new to :) )


this is so cute and fun!! i love it, amazing concept

my keyboard said no

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This a prime example of simple but effective. This game is fast paced and relaxing at the same time.

Rating 10/10 :)


-A Comment About This Awesome Game -


Never knew how much I was missing out in life until I played this game


Love it, keep it up!

nice game, but pls controls fix c: N is far away from arrow keys.

That’s fair, sorry about that! The buttons in Pico-8 games are part of the engine, it’s not something I can change unfortunately, but I’ll keep that in mind if I do a new version. :)


Absolutely lovely! I want more.

Thanks very much!