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This is as cute as heck. It reminds me a lot of early home computer games, and as an unrepentant, unashamed dragon grognard I couldn't resist this adventure of a hapless, precious little scaly baby in a onesie.

You sound like exactly the target audience and I’m so glad you found and enjoyed it!

Hello! I really enjoyed your game, it was super adorable and looked awesome as well as just damn fun to play (even though I was reduced to a common tourist ;D ) I made a let's play of your game here~

This is terrific, thank you! :D Glad you had fun, even if it took a little adjusting. There really should be a difficulty level in between Tourist and Adventurer -- I'm not sure if there's room in the cart for it but I'll take another peek and see if I can find it, you're definitely not the first person who would've liked it, haha.

You're more than welcome! I'm super glad you enjoyed it. Haha yeah maybe but all it proves is that I have no sense of direction and would make a terrible dragon :D

It looks like it says "PRESS 0 TO START" but it's a C. I know my eyesight isn't great but I can't see how it looks like a C :(

Actually, it's even weirder. the instructions say:

  • Move with arrow keys, breathe fire by holding Z, and befriend a royal immediately in front of you with X.

But for me either Z or C do befriending and X does the fire.
(Chrome on Win 10)

Oh, Z, C and N all do befriending and game starting
X, V  and N does flaming.

Oh heck I ALWAYS get this backwards. I'll fix it.

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The "O" is because the buttons on the virtual Pico-8 console are O/X, which are mapped to Z/X, C/V, and N/M when playing on a computer. It is a bit confusing outside of Pico-8 (like here in an embedded web player).

Indeed. This is why I always mix it up; I'm not choosing or thinking about them especially. :P I'm pretty much determined that next time I'll just put the letters in the game, though, or perhaps both. It annoys Pico-8 folks but that seems worth it in order to make it so other people can figure out how to play!