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A Roguelite with a Capital Arrr

Choose your faction, name your ship, and explore the open ocean in this piratical seven-day roguelite.

  • Outmaneuver enemy ships and loot their wrecks!
  • Upgrade your ship from the hull to the crow's nest!
  • Discover ancient artifacts and bury treasure of your own!

and maybe, just maybe ... defeat the legendary Nemesis.

How to Run

  • Windows: Download windows package and extract, then run the .exe.
  • Mac: Download mac package and extract.  Right-click the .app and select "open."
  • Linux, or if the above isn't working: Download and extract the lovefile, download and install the appropriate LÖVE engine package for your distribution, then open nemesis.love.

Requires a keyboard (arrows/wasd and space) and uses a mouse (you can complete the game without one but will miss a couple of features). Controls updates will happen after the jam.


Download NowName your own price

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Windows 3.6 MB
Version 8
Mac 6.3 MB
Version 8
LÖVE 59 kB
Version 7


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Played enough of it to complete it :) Pretty basic for now, but has quite a bit of potential! 

If you're up to polishing it, I think all that's needed is more types of islands and more fun adventures to be had on them, a little balancing (digging repeatedly until your hold is full of coins feels like cheating, I'd look towards forcing the player to work for their gold) and something to make the combat a bit more tactical/dynamic. Maybe a shifting wind direction giving one side the advantage (shot carries farther downwind, you can sail faster downwind)?

I have a sea captain friend who has been (mostly jokingly) trying to convince me to implement wind direction to make sailing more complicated, they’d be delighted by that last idea. 😁 And yeah, strong agree about the rest, that was definitely in the plans and I just didn’t end up making enough time during the jam for it. Plenty of time now though, so who knows! Thanks for playing. :)

This was a pretty neat idea. Some epic pirate music would be an awesome addition. It's also a little too easy with a bit of grinding, and some more strategic sea warfare elements could be added, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Yeah, I agree both about music and that it’s too easy – I wanted to make sure people could actually get the bossfight, and it was hard to gauge tuning when I’ve been testing with debug settings on, haha. If I find the energy to do more work on it after the jam I’ll be tweaking a lot of that stuff. Thanks for playing!